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Ever since its legalization in 2018, the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) has exploded. With that has come a wave of testimonials claiming that CBD helped with certain health and wellness problems. It seems like almost any problem has someone claiming CBD helped, but what are the facts? For this purpose, I’ve outlined the more credible claims into a list of 5 possible CBD benefits. If you are unsure about taking CBD, consult your doctor, as they will have accurate information on its safety and efficacy.

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Anxiety and Depression
  3. Cancer Treatment Side-Effects
  4. Antipsychotic
  5. Epilepsy and MS

1-Pain Relief

This is probably the most popular health claim made about CBD. The evidence on this one seems to favor CBD as an effective pain mitigation substance. Most studies seem to confirm this. One study showed that 15 out of 18 trials had the desired effect of CBD as a pain reliever when compared to the placebo.

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2-Anxiety and Depression

This is another common reason people turn to CBD. Anxiety and depression are all too common, and sometimes the medicines available don’t help in the way people need them to. But, what are the facts? In one study, a 300mg dose was shown to alleviate anxiety related to a simulated public speaking exercise. A case study done on a child with anxiety and insomnia related to PTSD showed CBD to be a safe and effective alternative to conventional medicine. It has also been used in animal studies and shown to reduce symptoms of depression in animals.

3-Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Cancer treatments are hard on your body, but one study showed that taking CBD in conjunction with cancer treatments reduced nausea felt by patients. In test-tube studies, CBD has demonstrated an ability to cause cancer cell death, but this has yet to be replicated on humans. It has also been shown to inhibit the spread of cancer in mice. More research needs to be done to verify these preliminary findings.


Early studies have shown CBD to be effective on people with schizophrenia. The main appeal of using CBD for schizophrenia is that the existing medicines produce unwanted side effects. So far, CBD has shown promise for this use, but more official testing will need to be done to yield the final verdict. If you are suffering from a mental illness, it would be wise to consult your doctor before making changes to your medicine.

5-Epilepsy and MS

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These two health problems are one of the most studied CBD benefits. It has been shown to help relieve seizures and muscle spasms. There is even an FDA approved prescription called Epidiolex that is prescribed to alleviate seizures related to certain medical conditions. It should be noted that Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD treatment, however, this could change with new research.

One of the main advantages of CBD is its apparent lack of serious side effects or risks. This makes it easy for people to try without worry. If you’re interested in finding out how CBD can help you, it might be time to try it for yourself. Click the link below for a great selection of CBD products.

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