What Are CBD Pre Rolls? A Five-Point Discussion

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CBD pre rolls are getting extremely popular. More businesses are selling them everywhere it seems. So what are they? The rest of this article will be discussing five of the major questions people have about CBD pre rolls. Read on to get all the information you need on the topic.

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  1. What Are CBD Pre Rolls?
  2. How Do You Use Them?
  3. Are They Safe?
  4. Do They Get You High?
  5. Are They Legal?
  1. What Are CBD Pre Rolls?

CBD pre rolls are basically cigarettes filled with hemp. They are sometimes called CBD joints or hempettes. Many people enjoy using products like this every day. You can always try some for yourself and see if you enjoy it.

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They are sometimes made in the same types of paper as cannabis joints. This can give them a misleading appearance. Some do look different, however.

2-How Do You Use them?

They are meant to be smoked, much like a regular cigarette. Some people even use them as a replacement for tobacco. Some are even machine rolled and look almost like traditional cigarettes. These types are often sold in packs.

So you would just ignite the tip and inhale, if you were to consume one. Some people like the flavor of this method, but others don’t care for it. The best way to find out may be to try it out.

3-Are They Safe?

There haven’t been any serious occurrences from people smoking them, however some claim vaping the flower is safer. The main concern with smoking pre rolls is that it’s still hot smoke in your lungs. If you are at all worried, you should check with your physician first.

4-Do They Get You High?

No. CBD Pre Rolls are made from hemp flower, and therefore have extremely low levels of THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical in cannabis that gets people high. With such low levels of THC, you don’t need to worry about it.

Most people report relaxation and drowsiness. It might be a good idea to not smoke them right before you need to be alert. For information specific to you, consolt a physician.

5-Are They Legal?

That depends on your local laws. In most US States it is legal, but some have made CBD Illegal. It would be wise to do all the appropriate legal research before making your decision. This should be easy as many sites that sell CBD have lists of the states they can’t sell to.

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A lot of CBD use is about what feels safe and comfortable for you. Think carefully and consider all your options. Remember that the best information you can get is from your personal medical practitioner. Click below to try some out for yourself!

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