What is CBD Oil? Is it Different from Hemp Oil?

what is cbd oil

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Cannabidiol or CBD has been making waves in recent years. It seems like it gets more popular every day as more people are using it to enhance their lives. Claims have been made from many people that it is helpful to them. But what is CBD oil? Is it different from Hemp Oil? Keep reading and we will take a closer look at this.

CBD occurs naturally in Cannabis and Hemp plants. In 2018, CBD was Federally legalized with the legalization of the Hemp plant. This only covered CBD from Hemp, not CBD from Cannabis plants. After this, a wave of CBD products hit the market. It seems like every day someone creates a new way to consume it.

CBD oil is one of the most popular products from this market craze. It is a type of extract that has been made from hemp that includes CBD in a liquid suspension. The ease of use and versatility has made it very popular.

hemp cbd

Hemp oil, on the other hand, usually refers to hemp seed oil, which contains no CBD. It is sometimes used for food products and even hemp milk, but it doesn’t appeal to customers looking for CBD. This mix up has caused grief to those who were looking for CBD.

The difference is night-and-day, but many people are using them interchangeably. This adds to the confusion many consumers feel when shopping for the right products. The difference is very simple, but it can be exploited for profits.

Some less than scrupulous companies have used this misunderstanding to capitalize on people looking for CBD. This is especially popular on Amazon, where CBD is not allowed to sell. People will list “Hemp Oil” and bank on people that were looking for CBD. This is why it’s important to know the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil.

hemp cbd

Another thing to look out for is when a product lists hemp extract, but not CBD content. Some suppliers like to put the hemp oil in milligrams to make it look like it has more CBD than it does. If the product doesn’t give information about CBD content, there’s a good chance that it is very low compared to the hemp oil.

Now that you know the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil, Click here for high-quality CBD products. You won’t find a better deal anywhere. Transparency should be the first priority in business, but with every gold rush comes greedy businesses that want to make money off of other people’s ignorance. Now that you know the difference, you’re armed with the information you need to purchase the smart option.

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