What is CBD? 7 Facts Explained

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CBD has been getting more popular by the day, but what is it? Why is it suddenly all over the place? Where does it come from? Read on for 7 facts about CBD.

  1. What is CBD Short For?
  2. Does CBD Get You High?
  3. Are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil the Same?
  4. Is CBD Legal?
  5. Is CBD Habit Forming?
  6. Is CBD Safe?
  7. What’s the difference between full and broad Spectrum CBD?
  1. What is CBD Short for?

CBD is the Shortened version of the chemical named cannabidiol. It appears in both cannabis and hemp plants. CBD and Hemp plants were recently legalized, causing a new market to sprout up. It keeps growing every day.

2-Does CBD Get You High?

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No, CBD Does not get you high. The chemical in cannabis that causes intoxication is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. In some hemp and CBD products there is still trace amounts of THC, but there are legal limits that they must remain under. If you are worried about failing a drug test, make sure you only use products with just CBD.

3-Are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil the Same?

CBD oil is the oil extract from the Hemp plant that contains CBD. Hemp oil usually refers to hemp seed oil, which contains no CBD. It is therefore impportant to check to make sure you buy the right product.

4-Is CBD Legal?

In most US states the answer is yes. This is from a law that passed in 2018 that legalized CBD in the United States. Some states have made CBD illegal, however.

5-Is CBD Habit Forming?

CBD has not been shown to be addictive or habit forming. New research is being done on CBD all the time. Many people believe CBD to be helpful.

6-Is CBD Safe?

Some mild side effects such as dry mouth and drowsiness have been reported, however, CBD appears to be safe fore most people. Some even claim it helps them with their health. Consult with your Physician for the most accurate information on if CBD is healthy for you.

7-What’s the Difference Between Full and Broad Spectrum CBD?

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Ful spectrum CBD still has trace amounts of THC in it. Broad Spectrum is completely THC Free. This is usually clearly marked on the packaging of the product.

CBD is certainly a fascinating chemical. The industry behind it keeps growing. The FDA even endorses it under the name epidiolex. Click the link below for top quality CBD Products. See what everyone is talking about!

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